About Us


We have an experienced and passionate team of staff who believes in providing a learning experience that extends and challenges each student. The background of those who strategically and operationally steer the vision of HHIA is rooted in years of experience working directly in the education sector.  The board comprises other strategic team members who work directly to serve our communities by working directly in the health sector and local authorities. The strategic team holds a wealth of experience spanning from 10 to 20 years working with young people, families, and the wider community. The executive board has the following expertise: two sitting Assistant Headteachers,  a Veterinary Surgeon and an Associate General Manager in the Health sector. The board collaboratively works as a team to impart their knowledge to secure all our students’ progression and attainment. Through this team, all our teachers are trained to use both contemporary and traditional teaching styles to enhance the learning experience for all our pupils.


At HHIA, our aims for all our students are:

  • Achieve and excel at the outlined examination grades and standards
  • To improve and enhance learning outcomes for all students.
  • For students to build their resilience and have a ‘can-do attitude when learning about different concepts.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages them to question and present their thoughts about their learning
  • For students to receive personalised support and to  feel valued
  • Learning through practical, visual, and concrete experiences