Feedback Policy

HHIA Feedback Policy

At Haven Hub International Academy ( HHIA), all feedback is set to inform pupil progress and positively impact pupil outcomes. In addition, HHIA aims to provide feedback that motivates the student, addresses misconceptions, reinforces a skill or key piece of information and extends a student’s understanding or ability to do something.

Types of feedback

Using the rationale highlighted above, students will receive a range of feedback to support and progress them. The teachers will provide ‘on spot verbal feedback’ and written feedback on at least one out of two workpieces. One of the pieces comprises a next step comment. The judgement on the type of feedback provided will be based on moving and progressing each student.

Progress Feedback

Students will receive a six-week progress summary review about each of the courses they undertake with HHIA. The feedback will highlight the next step(s) of development for each student.

Quality assurance 

Lead teachers and the directors will quality assure marking and feedback for the online learning. The focus of the quality assurance will involve looking at how the students are making progress. It will not focus on what the teacher writes. It will be purely on the impact this has had on students’ progress.

In essence, the provision of feedback is to monitor and assess students’ development and progress. HHIA embodies the culture and philosophy of active engagement and input by both the teachers and students to produce positive learning outcomes.