Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons are delivered online through google classroom and google meet.  

We try to match the day and time that you want with our tutors. We recommend that you pick a few different times when booking our services so we can try to match them.

Depending on the subject we have a few subscriptions and UK curriculum-based resources that are available for our students for independent revision. This will be accessible to our students whilst they are enrolled with us.

We will provide a report after every 6 weeks to update parents and carers on how their child is doing.

No- all our lessons are recorded and available for the student on their google classroom page for the student to access before their next lesson. In the event of a known absence, you will need to give us at least 48 hours notice so the lesson can be rescheduled.

We have a feedback policy, available on our website. Please use this to let us know your grievances or how satisfied you are so we can keep getting better.

As a parent, we ask that you help us ensure that your child remembers to attend all their lessons. Please provide your child with stationery that they need for their lessons. We recommend that each child have different exercise books for different subjects.