Committed To Excellence

We provide quality education that ensures that young people have a fair chance regardless of circumstance to thrive in all aspects of their life and make a positive difference.


Our tutors at HHIA deliver outstanding lessons every time and model excellence to our students. Our students are supported to close their knowledge gaps and accelerate their progress. Students are challenged and inspired to achieve their potential best possible grades in all their subjects.


Our students are supported by a team of excellent tutors. The directors take an active role in reviewing and supporting our tutors to ensure a world class educational experience. Our teachers and students have access to the best resources to enhance learning.


At HHIA we are highly innovative. Our team of international outstanding teachers draw from their world-class professional development and share great depth of knowledge. This ensures that we develop successful, independent and versatile learners.

We provide online private lessons for primary, secondary and business level students, and the lessons are delivered based on the following packages:

Platinum Package

Individualised one to one learning experience.
Number of students:

Gold Package

Enhanced group learning.
Number of students:
2 - 5