Teaching, Assessing and Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Guiding Principles

Haven Hub International  Academy pupils ensure that all students have the right to appropriate education for their individual needs. Therefore, as far as possible, a structural and organisational aim is to provide learning experiences that are differentiated to take account of each pupil’s needs and attainments.

Assessment on Entry

  • The provision will ensure that each student will carry out an age (phase) appropriate task on admission.
  • The assessment, alongside parental information and any Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) plans passed on, will be used by HHIA to plan and provide specific teaching and resources for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) students.
  • HHIA will discuss the resources to meet a student’s specific needs with the parents before commencing courses.
  • The information will be shared with teachers to be aware of their responsibilities towards pupils with special educational needs and use the information to assess students’ progress.

SEND Teaching, Learning and Support

  • Planning, teaching, and resourcing will ensure that specific identified SEND needs are catered for and differentiated. This may include SEND learning neds like dyspraxia or dyslexia, amongst other identified needs.
  • The teaching will aim for gradual independence and application of concepts learnt by students.
  • Regular reviews will be available for the students, parents, and teachers to share information and work towards agreed and appropriate targets and strategies that may be employed.
  • A SEND Support Plan in collaboration with the class teacher, parents and student will be drawn and monitored. Discuss any help that the parents can give at home and agree on the review date.
  • An agreement on the arrangements for monitoring progress with those who will be teaching the child could include standardised tests, focused observations, teacher assessments against National Curriculum expectations, progress towards SEND Support Plan targets, and the success of the strategies used.


HHIA  will always consider the essential statutory duties towards students who have special educational needs and disabilities. These duties are laid out in Sections 161 and 157 of the Education Act 1993. At whatever stage students have reached, HHIA’s emphasis will be upon including them, alongside other students, in the full range of activities that the organisation has to offer. This will be achieved by careful consideration of the needs of each student. This will be achieved by either differentiating activities or providing support to help the student participate in them.